TETFund Centre of Excellence in Urology and Nephrology

    Background and History

    The Centre was established by the University, through a TetFund grant, as a Urology and Nephrology Complex of international standard that will provide a forum for research and invention, manpower development and treatment of common Urologic, Uro-gynaecologic and Renal diseases prevalent in the sub-region. The institute was commissioned on the 12th of July 2014 and has been equipped for Phase one Urologic training and services It is designed to meet the felt needs of Urology and Nephrology practice in Nigeria and North-Western Nigeria in particular. In collaboration with existing National and International Centre of excellence, it shall provide a unique platform for research and manpower development.

    COVID-19 has exposed obvious weaknesses in our health care research and services. Specialized medical training abroad and surgical tourism we cannot continue as usual. The Centre is being equipped to strengthen its ability to provide the needed training, research and specialized service in Urology, Uro-gynaecology and sustainable Kidney Transplantation.

    The centre is accredited for residency training in Urology and Nephrology by the National and West African Post Graduate Colleges

    Specialized Surgical procedures now available or being provided at the Institute include the following:

  • 1. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
  • 2. Retrograde Ureteric And Intrarenal Surgery using Laser
  • 3. Transurethral Prostate Surgery; Vaporization, Resection and Enucleation
  • 4. Endourethral surgery
  • 5. Laparoscopic Surgery
  • 6. Complex Urethral and Ureteric Reconstruction
  • 7. Prostate, Bladder and Kdney cancer Treatment
  • 8. Neobladder Reconstruction (bowel bladder) and continent catherizable stoma construction
  • 9. Sex Reassignment and Intersex Surgeries
  • 10. Repair of Congenital Anomaliest
  • 11. Ultrasound Guided Transrectal Prostate Biopsy and Kidney Biopsy
  • 12. Many other general and specialized urological and uro-gynaecological procedures
  • You may need to contact us to determine if a procedure is not being temporarily affected by reorganization and upgrade renovation.
  • Between 27th and 28th November, 2018 a workshop was organized by the Institute that attracted seventy seven(77) Urologist from all over the country to participate on the following operations, many of which were hitherto not available in any public Hospital in Nigeria. Also, our urologists need not to travel outside the country to learn these operations
  • 1. Percutaneous kidney stone surgery
  • 2. Laser surgery for Kidney and Ureteric stones.
  • 3. Complex reconstructive operations.

The centre has now been upgraded to TETFund Centre of Excellence in Urology and Nephrology. This will enable the centre pursue its mission on research, manpower development and advancing the frontiers of knowledge via training and rendering services of international standard to the teeming population of Urology, Urogynaecology and Kidney disorder patients. The Centre plans research to address National Development Challenges and to commence Workshops, Seminars, Short courses, MSc, PhD and to integrate Fellowship training with MSc/PhD. Training of Nephrology Nurses, Urology Nurses and Dialysis Nurses and Technicians will also come soon.


  • To be an International Centre of Excellence for promotion of research, invention, manpower development and state of the art treatment of common Urologic, Uro-gynaecologic and Kidney disorders.


  • Establishment of disease registries and population-based studies to accurately define the magnitude of problems posed by Urologic, Urogynaecologic and kidney diseases, requiring governmental, institutional and global support